It’s clear that San Francisco’s loopy indie unit Deerhoof aren’t ones to sit still.

Over their 18 year career, they’ve made their name with antic and labyrinthine psych-pop, full of volte-faces and unannounced lateral steps. Their work rate is similarly hectic: only eighteen months after their Deerhoof Vs. Evil LP (not to mention 2011’s 99% Upset Feeling live album), the indie veterans have now announced their eleventh studio album. Breakup Song will arrive in September through ATP. Joyful Noise will also issue a tape version of the album, although you’ll have to be quick off the mark: only 250 copies will be manufactured.

The band have made snippets of the record available through their website. To access the tracks, you have to negotiate a virtual jukebox interface called The Jingletron. It’s not exactly Biophilia – it looks like a bored roadie has cobbled the whole thing together – but, as per the band’s aesthetic in general, it’s charmingly unreconstructed. The little onscreen avatar, we hear, is drawn by singer Satomi Matsuzaki.

Longtime drummer Greg Saunier suggest the album will feature plenty of tropical touches: “We’ve just finished a sensational record of Cuban-flavored party-noise-energy music. We called it Breakup Song, but don’t expect a bunch of Grammy-baiting sob stories, OK? In Deerhoof’s thesaurus, freedom’s just another word for feeling good again and raising hell and getting away with it. Stick with us and the bad guys with guns will never catch up.”

Breakup Song is due on September 4 through ATP.

1. Breakup Songs
2. There’s That Grin
3. Bad Kids to the Front
4. Zero Seconds Pause
5. Mothball the Fleet
6. Flower
7. To Fly or Not to Fly
8. The Trouble With Candyhands
9. We Do Parties
10. Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III
11. Fête d’Adieu




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