As 1991, Axel Backman makes weird, woozy analog miniatures.

The Gothenburg producer has found himself rising up the ranks of the off-key beat scene, getting remix commissions from Lukid and props from Vessel and Evian Christ. His recent High-Tech High-Life cassette for Opal Tapes, meanwhile, showcased the more meandering facets of his sound. His 1991 EP has just dropped on Astro:Dynamics, and is available to stream in full courtesy of Dummy.

At first, 1991 seems like an easy record to categorise: the aesthetic (cryptic and lo-fi) the influences (Boards Of Canada) and the tracklisting (‘Fabric Of Space’, anyone?) all suggest that Backman is a fully paid-up member of the synth revivalist brigade. The EP, however, deserves a closer listen – even if there’s nothing supremely radical going on, there’s a lightness of touch (‘Fabric Of Space’) and impressive physicality (‘Recorn Ice Horn’) to much of the work here.

1991 is out now on Astro:Dynamics. The EP is available as a digital download, or as a limited edition cassette.



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