Mickey Pearce readies new single for Swamp 81 ‘Numb Nut (Soft Brain)’: hear it inside

Mickey Pearce – formerly Shortstuff – has announced a new single on Swamp81, out on November 12.

Described on his Soundcloud as simply “slow release energy”, they’re subtler tracks than those found on his last Swamp single, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Get’, but are clearly cut from the same cloth, with that nice juxtaposition between brittle, granite-y sounds and nimble, sly percussive twists. Swamp81 boss Loefah – who this week revealed details of a new label, School – has made it clear in the last year that Pearce is being pushed as a core member of the Swamp family, with talk of an album coming in 2013.

If the below artwork’s anything to go by, then this single also marks the dawn of a new logo for Swamp – expect a FACT-style kerning edit in the coming months.

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