Is Kanye West naming his next album <em>I Am God</em>?

The Beeb seems to think so.

In a BBC News Magazine piece posted over the weekend, Charles Nevin makes an off-hand remark about Kanye West’s forthcoming album, positing that “the title Kanye is supposed to be contemplating for his new album, I Am God, is said to be “half tongue-in-cheek.””

Considering that the news comes amidst an article about the to-good-to-be-true possibility that Kanye and Kim are planning to name their offspring “North West,” we’ll take this one with a grain of salt (for now). At the very least, I Am God seems to fit Kanye’s recent mindset more than Black American Psycho or Rich Black American.

No word yet on what Lil B thinks about Kanye ripping off one of his song titles, but we’re guessing it will be along the lines of this.



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