Bureau B to reissue Harald Grosskopf's 1986 solo album Oceanheart

Ashra drummer’s second solo LP resurrected on wax.

A remastered version of Harald Grosskopf’s 1986 album Oceanheart will be released on the Bureau B label this summer.

After the commercial disappoint of his solo debut, 1980’s Synthesist, Grosskopf’s label Sky Records weren’t in a rush to release its successor, as Bureau B notes. “They even halved my advance!” says Grosskopf. Oceanheart eventually arrived six years later. “The album title reflects my love of transcendental meditation. Of course it might be taken for watery esoterics,” he adds.

Operating on a tight budget, the first Oceanheart recordings took place “under the roof” at the Lilli Berlin Studio, Kreuzberg, and were completed at the Spandauer Studio by former Tangerine Dream member Christoph Franke, with Grosskopf playing everything except tabla.

Like Synthesist, Oceanheart has gradually attained cult status among kraut nerds and early electronic cratediggers. The record’s latest revival follows RVNG Intl’s vital 2011 reissue of Synthesist, but for those who didn’t grab it the first time round, that LP will also be reissued by Bureau B on the same date.

Both records are due on August 22 in digital, CD and 180 gram vinyl formats.


01 Eve On The Hill
02 While I’m Walking
03 Oceanheart
04 Coming Out
05 Pondicherry Dream
06 Minimal Boogie



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