Four Tet Jamie xx Koreless John Talabot Continuum Sofia Mattilo

Sofia Mattioli, an artist you may know from Jamie xx’s ‘Sleep Sound’ video, launches a new project.

In ‘Sleep Sound’, Mattioli danced with deaf people, prompted by a conversation on a train where “I was listening to music when a little girl handed me a paper. She explained that she was deaf and could almost feel the music, looking at me.” 

Mattioli’s new project, Continuum, starts as a two-minute silent video of a silhouette dancing in a circle. Four artists – John Talabot, Four Tet, Koreless and Jamie xx – will then offer musical interpretations of the film. Speaking to Nowness, who will debut the interpretations, “I want everyone to go in its own space in his own head and imagine the music he put it”.

The four versions will first be unveiled at Miami’s Three Points festival. Watch the silent version of the film here.



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