The Epic is aptly titled.

Young Los Angeles jazz composer and bandleader Kamasi Washington has been waiting in the Brainfeeder wings for a few years now, having appeared on the two most recent (and, accordingly, most jazzy) albums from label boss Flying Lotus. Now he’s about to release his debut album on the label, a huge three-volume, 172-minute suite titled The Epic.

The record features a 32-piece orchestra, 20-person choir and Washington’s long-running 10-piece band The Next Step/The West Coast Get Down at the heart of the action.

Check out ‘Re Run Home’ below and see the huge tracklist underneath. The album is out on May 4.

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The Epic Vol.1: The Plan
1. Change of the Guard 12:16
2. Askim 12:35
3. Isabelle 12:13
4. Final Thought 6:32
5. The Next Step 14:49
6. The Rhythm Changes 7:44

The Epic Vol.2: The Glorious Tale
1. Miss Understanding 8:46
2. Leroy and Lanisha 9:24
3. Re Run 8:20
4. Seven Prayers 7:36
5. Henrietta Our Hero 7:14
6. The Magnificent 7 12:46

The Epic Vol.3: The Historic Repetition
1. Re Run Home 14:06
2. Cherokee 8:14
3. Clair de Lune 11:08
4. Malcolm’s Theme 8:41
5. The Message 11:09



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