Update, October 26: The singer’s camp has confirmed the release but has complained of “inaccurate reporting on the sound and content of the album”. 

Blackstar was described by the Times as “an album of long, jazzy jams mixed with the kind of driving beat pioneered by Seventies German bands Can and Kraftwerk” and “completely bonkers.”

David Bowie will release Blackstar on January 8, 2016, according to The Times.

Sources say the 7-song LP was recorded at New York’s Magic Shop studio with local jazz musicians.

The 10-minute title track is set to premiere on November 19, and was recently excerpted as the theme for Sky Atlantic’s The Last Panthers.

In addition to the album, Bowie wrote new songs for Lazarus, a stage show based on The Man Who Fell to Earth. However, he won’t appear on stage for the play or for any concerts: earlier this month, concert promoter John Giddings said that Bowie had retired from touring.



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