The Chicago-born producer returns with more club tracks for our dystopia present.

Taskforce will release the Liquid Cooled EP next week. The five-track EP contains more of the dystopian warehouse fare that he unleashed on last year’s Hot Sun Beating Down On My Awful Skull mixtape and Return Notice EP.

“The record was influenced by gasoline rainbows, birds eating cigarette butts, and policing in 2048: still managing poverty but with less proximity,” Taskforce says in a statement. “Liquid Cooled was built for DJs to play when their sets are going too well and too many people are enjoying themselves.”

Stream the slow-burning ‘Heat Death’ below; the tracklist follows. Liquid Cooled is due out on November 6 via Boysnoize Records.

01 Police Brace for Violence
02 Liquid Cooled
03 Admin 2000-2001
04 Heat Death
05 Police Brace for Violence (BNR Edit)

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