And M.O.P.!

Back in 2003, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham had plans to release a rap album called Come Together but it never saw the light of day. Thanks to the beautiful magic of the internet, those songs have been posted to YouTube and you can now relish in a mistake that was ultimately buried over a decade ago.

Posh got a helping hand on the album from Damon Dash, who told Eastern Standard at the time: “Because Victoria’s record company aren’t happy about the fact that she came over to New York to work with me they are putting out stories. Before anyone’s even heard the album they were making things up… I heard a story that Victoria was calling herself the female Eminem. That’s just dumb. She never said that. I’m going to open Roc-a-Fella Records in London. I’ll show these Telstar cats how it’s done.”

The Roc didn’t split until 2004, so we’re not going to speculate that this had anything to do with the dissolution of Dame and Jay Z’s relationship – but the fan fiction writes itself, doesn’t it?

As it was 2003, that means that Wu-Tang Clan oddball Ol’ Dirty Bastard was still alive and he has a feature on the album – sadly, it’s not available online. So do Brooklyn firebrands M.O.P., whose crossover hit ‘Ante Up’ essentially makes you want to eat cement because it is just that tough – the mind reels.

Oof. This stuff makes Mel B.’s Missy Elliott collab ‘I Want You Back’ from the Why Do Fools Fall In Love soundtrack actually sound passable. But make that call for yourself by streaming the album, track by track, below. (Please note Posh is wearing Roc-A-Wear in the album art.)



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