The IDM legends discuss their music in a newly unearthed clip.

A rare MTV appearance from Autechre has been uploaded to YouTube and made widely available for the first time since its 1994 airdate.

As the intro explains, Rob Brown and Sean Booth appeared on MTV Europe’s Party Zone TV on September 15 1994 to discuss their music with host Simone Angel, select some videos from favorite artists (Michael Jackson, Kraftwerk) and introduce the video for their track ‘Basscadet (Bcdtmx)’.

The interview captures a unique period in the popularity of IDM, coming a only weeks before the release of Autechre’s second album, Amber, and a few months after Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works: Volume II. Booth is asked how the two relate at one point, leading to the interview’s most interesting discussion.

“The only reason we get grouped with Aphex Twin is because we do things that are original and we still do dance music,” he says.

Watch the full interview on YouTube and revisit the duo’s classic FACT mix below.

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