Celebrating 20 years of releases, Casino Versus Japan has announced his eagerly-awaited new full-length.

Back in 1998, Wisconsin-based guitarist Erik Kowalski released his self-titled solo debut album, using the moniker Casino Versus Japan. Its fuzzy blend of IDM textures and Cocteau Twins-eque dreampop made him an instant favorite, and his follow-up album, Go Hawaii, released in 2000, is still heralded as a low-key classic.

This year, marking 20 years since the release of Casino Versus Japan, Kowalski has announced a new album entitled Suicide By Sun. Clocking in at an ample 73 mins, the album is described as “countless home studio sessions, slowly sequenced into four sides of narcotic reverberation, reflective loops, and dream-soaked delay”.

Suicide By Sun will be released on July 6 on vinyl and digital, and you can pre-order the album from Bandcamp now.

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