Featuring remixes of tracks taken from the album O FUCC IM ON THE WRONG PLANET.

Hardcore noise duo Prison Religion, the collaborative project of audiovisual artists False Prpht and Poozy, have announced a remix album RESONANCE IN EXOPLANETARY HYBRIDIZATION, which arrives on September 28 via Halcyon Veil.

The project contains interpretations of tracks from their album O FUCC IM ON THE WRONG PLANET from artists such as Rabit, Lee Gamble, Swan Meat and more.

The collaborative project marries hardcore vocals with elements of harsh noise, a sound made even more confrontational by a veritable rogues’ gallery of avant-club producers enlisted for the remix project, including industrial-reggaeton wunderkind Endgame and recent Discwoman signee BONAVENTURE.

RESONANCE IN EXOPLANETARY HYBRIDIZATION drops on September 28 via Halcyon Veil. Check out the sci-fi cover art – designed by False Prpht – and tracklist below.

01. ‘MESSENGER (Swan Meat Remix)’
03. ‘ALICIA KEYS (Lee Gamble Remix)’
04. ‘ALICIA KEYS (Melanin Free Remix)’
05. ‘ANSSS1 (Rabit Remix)’
06. ‘YABBADABBADONT (My Sword Remix)’
07. ‘YABBADABBADONT (Geng Remix)’
08. ‘NIBIRU (Endame Remix)’

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