Featuring reggaeton refits of modern dancefloor classics.

British-Columbian reggaeton specialist Florentino has released Contrabando, an EP of club-ready bootlegs via Mixpak.

The highly sought-after bootlegs, which have made appearances in the producer’s DJ sets and NTS radio show, are being made available for the first time.

The release sees the producer marrying modern dancefloor classics with his signature bass-heavy dembow rhythms and twisted vocal samples.

Check out his recent NTS mix with Trigganom, in which he runs through the entire EP along with twenty new bootlegs.

Contrabando is out now on a limited run of 12″ vinyl via Mixpak Records. Check out the cover art and tracklist below and revisit Florentino’s killer FACT mix.

01. ‘El Sonido’
02. ‘Colombian Flute’
03. ‘Agarrate’
04. ‘Eres Un Romantico 2.0’

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