A highlight from the artist’s 37-track opus.

Multidisciplinary artist bod [包家巷] has shared a cryptic video for their track ‘Dedicated to Beerwizard (a memory of a different self is a reminder of repeatable mistakes)’, a beautiful, neoclassical nod to Arizona-based tape label, Beer Wizard.

The video was filmed on the set of Berlin producer GIL’s adaptation of Alexander von Zemlinksy’s Der Zwerg, an opera based on The Birthday of the Infanta, a short story by Oscar Wilde.

‘Dedicated to Beerwizard’ is taken from Music For Self Esteem, a 37-track opus three years in the making that incorporates piano and ambient compositions, ASMR textures, harsh noise and snippets of more dancefloor-orientated fare. bod [包家巷] has also shared a text for each track of the album, which can be viewed here.

The ethos of the 37-track collection is summed up by the sheet music-referencing cover art, a fermata over a quarter rest which, in the words of bod [包家巷], represents “the enforced silence needed to mitigate and confront the passage of time infected with self-doubt and insecurity, panic and restlessness.”

Music For Self Esteem is out now on YEAR0001.

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