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Fact Mix 843: Emma dj

A hyper-accelerated mix from the outer margins of club music courtesy of the Finnish artist.

Across releases for Collapsing Market, L.I.E.S. and BFDM, Finnish native Emma dj has cultivated a unique electronic signature that explores the extreme limits of experimental music. The Paris-based producer’s music combines intricate rhythms, abrasive textures and uneasy melodies, sitting somewhere on the precipice of ambient and club-ready styles.

In 2021, Emma dj took another musical left turn with the release of Godrime on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label. Recorded in Paris in isolation while his ears turned to trap music, Emma dj crossed rap production with his own distinct style and started to compile a series of one-shot iPhone recordings featuring collaborators such as Bambounou, Lemaire, Lily Standefer, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Nono Ekichii, Swan Meat, Tmongo and Ivre Ciroc.

The LP, released as a full-length mixtape full of succinct tracks that swiftly move in tone and style, mirrors his collage-based DJ style, which skilfully layers textures and beats on top of one another. It’s a style that’s showcased in his hyper-accelerated Fact Mix, which begins with the serene tones of Oneohtrix Point Never’s classic ‘Still Life’ and moves through indefinable electronic sounds from M.E.S.H., Siete Catorce, De Grandi, Arca, Emily Glass, Hajj, Zuli and more. “This mix is a selection of current favorites that I’d love to play at club peak time if the world allowed us to,” Emma dj says.

Godrime is available now on UIQ. You can follow Emma dj on Instagram and SoundCloud, and find more of his music at Bandcamp.


Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Still Life’ (In My Talons Edit Ft. Michael Jackson)
Glass – ‘Quantic Blunt’
Takeoff – ‘Last Memory Acapella’
M.E.S.H – ‘Coercer’
Taplah – ‘Insecurity’
Fumu – ‘4 Mika’
Dites Safran – ‘Boka’
Tibia – ‘Untitled II’
Arca – ‘Whip’ (Baile Edit)
Dweebonthebeat – ‘Plátano Bounce’
13 Block – ‘3h36’ (Modern Collapse Emotional Retake)
Luca Rain – ‘Perigo’
Siete Catorce – ‘Desesperacion’
Uan0001 – ‘Krakowian’
wagshopping (Sophie X Soulja Boy)
De Grandi – ‘Winamp Skin Test 3’
Emily Glass – ‘Scribble Machine’
Y Pree – ‘Ship Sket, Alza54’ (S280f Edit)
Lithe & Local Support – ‘Satisfy’
Fakethias & Lala8 – ‘Premium Defects’ (Instrumental)
Mdlw & Xza – Cardi B Remix
Lag Switch – ‘Lucerne’
Mori Mori – ‘Love Cut’
Hajj – ‘Rage Of Empire’
Net Gala – ‘Reclaim It’ (Zuli’s Shifting Weight At The Club Remix)
Hajj – ‘Heaven’s Calamity’
Qwqwqwqwa – ‘Angel Energy’
Eekomi & Gyur – ‘Terraform’
Ennio – ‘Memory Is Inherent Nature’
Lil Asaf – ‘Mbakal’
Paraadiso – ‘Berserk’
Karlae – ‘Slime Enough’
Yuri – ‘Triste Theme’
Modern Collapse – ‘Lets Lurk’
Anti Grav___ Nick Papi Flip
_ R _ _ _

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