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Angel Haze’s Dirty Gold sold 857 copies first week in the UK, not the Billboard 200

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  • published
    7 Jan 2014
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    Angel Haze
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Angel Haze's <i>Dirty Gold</i> sells 857 copies in the UK, hasn't charted in the US

There’s a rumour flying around that Angel Haze‘s Dirty Gold has proved a monumental sales flop, charting at #196 on the Billboard album chart and only selling 857 copies.

This isn’t quite true. Haze’s #196 spot, in fact, came in the UK albums chart last week. You can read the stats here, copied from Music Week. In the US, Dirty Gold is yet to be eligible for the latest Billboard 200, due to the ways that sales are tracked (explained here), so we won’t know about her US chart position until Thursday (that is unless Haze, incredibly, has scored the exact same amount of copies and exact same position in the US).

Either way, in the UK at least, the decision to rush-release the album on December 30 after Haze’s leak earlier in the month doesn’t seem to have worked for label or artist. Read FACT’s recent interview with Angel Haze here.


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