3 Chairs, despite having one of the most pedestrian monikers of all time, are about as illustrious as dance music coalitions get. 

3 Chairs is the charmed union of Detroit legends Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite, Marcellus Pittman and Kenny Dixon Jr., aka Moodymann. The crew debuted in 1997 with a fantastic self-titled 2×12″ set, featuring an assortment of killer productions from Parrish, Wilhite and Dixon. Following occasional releases on Parrish’s Sound Signature and their own self-titled imprint, the trio pulled Pittman on board for the collaborative Three Chairs 3 LP in 2004 – a swirling collection of boogie, house and techno, enhanced by contributions from Andrés and Amp Fiddler. It’s been some time since we heard new music from them, with the Chairs pretty much folded up and packed away since 2006’s No Drum Machine Pt. 2 12″.

As Juno Plus note, fresh material is now on the horizon. The Demigods 12″ will arrive on Dixon’s Mahogani Music imprint, and will feature four new  tracks from the collective. The collection includes reverb-heavy acid cut ‘Demigods’, tweaked fusion jam ‘Elephant’ and Speak’N’Spell freak-out ‘6 Mile’. Strangest of all is ‘Celestial Contact’, which sounds like Tensnake as recorded onto soft wax cylinder. Head to Rush Hour to hear clips.

Demigods is due soon on Mahogani Music.

1. Demigods
2. Elephant Ankles
3. 6 Mile
4. Celestial Contact



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