Berlin-based Brit Emika is set to return on Jun 10 with her second full-length DVA, again for the Ninja Tune label.

Billed as ‘dark dub pop’ and apparently influenced by ‘sound design’, DVA looks like it might be an interesting collision of styles, and if this wasn’t enough to pique your interest, as a special teaser the label is giving away a free download of her cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ to anyone who signs up to Emika’s mailing list.

Chris Isaak, dark pop and sound design? Well at the very least it’s likely to be a concoction we haven’t heard before, and that’s nothing to sniff at.

Sign up for the free download here.

Tracklist :

1 Hush (Interlude)
2 Young Minds
3 She Beats
4 Filters
5 After The Fall
6 Sing To Me
7 Dem Worlds
8 Primary Colours
9 Sleep With My Enemies
10 Wicked Game
11 Fight For Your Love
12 Mouth To Mouth
13 Searching
14 Centuries
15 Criminal Gift




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