Metasplice – tipped purveyors of crunching, frazzled techno – have, out of nowhere, dropped their debut album.

Like Container and Pete Swanson before them, Kenneth_Lay and V. Hold are part of the noise-to-techno diaspora, having both operated in the Philadelphia noise scene for some time. Following the MS I/II cassette for Injections Limited, the pair have found a supportive home in Rabih Beaini’s Morphine label, under whose auspices they’ve released two 12″s – the scuffed Topographical Interference, and its coruscating sequel Decant/Churn.

As Juno Plus report, debut album Infratracts unexpectedly arrived yesterday. The record collects eight new tracks from the pair, and is exclusively available on 2xLP vinyl. Guttering album track ‘Prismatic Sway’ is available to stream below, and offers a relatively approachable route into their distinctive soundworld – clattering industrial rhythms and piercing digital detailing, all cloaked in a fog of reverb.

Infratracts is out now. In related news, Metasplice affiliate _moonraker recently dropped a new release for The Trilogy Tapes.

1. Arterial Protocol
2. Prismatic Sway
3. Dioxinition
4. Cylindrics
5. Novaglide
6. Concrode
7. Micrograval Spheres
8. Iv Phenol




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