Lorde rallies fans against Westboro Baptist Church protest

Teen star faces wrath of “fag-hating” fundamentalists.

Westboro Baptist Church – the bizarre Christian sect known for picketing military funerals and preaching that “God hates fags” – has picked an unlikely new target for its foamy-mouthed protests.

The same people who protested at the funerals of Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson have now denounced Lorde and her newfound status as a teen idol, saying she “has NO wisdom worth having” and “doesn’t have enough sense to put in a thimble”.

They then posted an astonishing version of ‘Royals’, which includes the lyrics, “Bare teeth raging, sinning in the bedroom, bloodless coffin, trashing your creator” and appears to sung by a Lorde impressionist in the Westboro fold. Nope, we’re not really sure what “sinning in the bathroom” involves.

The 17-year-old pop star, who as we know by now is actually scarily intelligent, found the church’s threats quite amusing, actually.

“Everyone wear rainbow clothing to that show. Everyone try to kiss church members who are same sex as you they will so love it,” she wrote in a (now deleted) tweet.

The zealots at Westboro Baptist Church have responded with a harrowing Vine, which you can experience below if you feel brave enough to hear the sound of hollow laughter ringing into eternity.

Earlier this year Lorde teamed up with Disclosure for a BRIT Awards performance later released as a charity single.



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