The Odd Future wunderkind weighs in on his new album, Kendrick Lamar, the state of music journalism and more.

In an hour-long interview with NPR, Earl Sweatshirt elaborated on the process behind his new album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. But first, the interview kicks off with the rapper addressing the elephant in the room (the botched, early release of the record), keeping calm despite the frustrating situation and the lack of responsibility taken by the label:

“I was devastated. I was ready to like kill some — the day I was — it would’ve been so quiet for any n—— from Sony. I was so mad cause it was like — especially because I feel like this is my first album. This is the first thing that I’ve said that I fully stand behind, like the good and the bad of it. Because it’s just — I’ve never been this transparent with myself or with music. I’ve never been behind myself this much. So for them to not treat as importantly as I was treating it was just like — I couldn’t help but to feel a little disrespected, you know? […]

But it was just like, in the moment, they let it get spun like I was on a pedestal, complaining about some nuances, you know what I mean? When it was really like zero percent of what was supposed to go right went right. Like, y’all got an F. It’s not chill. Like, “You’re in the red zone.” And no one acted like they were in the red zone. That’s what had me the most hot.

Listen to the full interview below, as Earl opens up about how tour life had him down to an unhealthy 118 pounds, his relationship with his mother, his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, his plans to start a magazine, and the advice given to him by Flying Lotus.



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