The rap duo turned down playing the most popular televised event after being told to shorten their songs.

Big Boi appeared on ESPN’s The Dan LeBatard Show today to talk about football when he dropped the surprising news that Outkast was once in talks to play the Superbowl.

When asked about memorable performances he’s had at sporting events, the rapper mentions the Superbowl offer (likely around 2004), but that they ended up declining. Listen here, about four minutes in. He explains they were in talks to play ‘Hey Ya!’and ‘The Way You Move’, but Andre insisted on turning it down when they were told there wasn’t enough time to perform both song in full.

When pressed about his own feelings on it at the time, Big Boi admits he tried “a lot” to convince Andre to change his mind, but doesn’t seem regretful mentioned that the two laughed about it now and that their friendship is bigger than anything they’ve made. “Hopefully they invite us back,” he adds. You hear that, Super Bowl? [via Pitchfork]



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