Free treats from the globally-sourced label.

Diskotopia is celebrating another fine year at the prow of electronic music by giving away a compilation of exclusives and recent releases.

Diskotopia F/W 2015-2016 F.C. features material from artists like Filter Dread, Computer Graphics, Fujimoto Tetsuro and Silvestre along with label mainstays A Taut Line, BD1982 and Greeen Linez.

Diskotopia F/W 2015-2016 F.C. is an end of year survey of the past, present and future output of the label and we hope you enjoy it this winter season,” says label boss Brian Durr, calling it “a humble show of gratitude for all the love, support and kind words this year.”

Stream the compilation below and head to Bandcamp to download.


01. Fujimoto Tetsuro – SR
02. Shy One – S & H
03. A Taut Line – Volatile Geology
04. BD1982 – Utukku (from DSK002: BD1982 – VHS Nite EP)
05. Filter Dread – Sliding Thoughts
06. A Taut Line – In This Heat (Fotomachine Remix) (from DSK005: A Taut Line/BD1982)
07. Computer Graphics – Short01
08. A Taut Line – Flowt (from DSK027: A Taut Line – Mutual Prints)
09. Myakkah – Eyes Down (from DSK010: Myakkah – Warehouse Soul EP)
10. Greeen Linez – Summer Somewhere (from DSK023: Greeen Linez – Izu King Street)
11. BD1982 – Cool Out
12. Am Rhein – 8.9p Per Minute
13. Mau’lin – Starbeast (from DSK008: Mau’lin – Function Open EP)
14. A Taut Line – Raiy
15. Silvestre – Beans
16. BD1982 – Hold the Line
17. Rigly Chang – Runnin
18. Myakkah – Left in the Queue
19. Greeen Linez – Cobra Jewel (Club Mix)
20. Silvestre – Pássaros



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