“Sometimes I check to see what David Bowie accomplished by my current age. Never do this.”

An L.A. Times feature published Sunday reveals many of the nuances that went into the making of David Bowie’s self-eulogy Blackstar, including that there is unreleased material

Speaking with producer Tony Visconti and saxophonist Donny McCaslin, writer Sasha Frere-Jones was given the details of the recording process. This includes that there are still five songs from these sessions that have yet-to-be released, so we should “look forward to next Christmas and hope for a deluxe edition.”

According to the article, the album’s title track clocks in at under ten minutes only “to satisfy the iTunes rules for a posted single.” There are other behind-the-scenes bits in the piece, as well, including how in the 70s, most of Bowie’s tracks were unwritten before going into the studio. Visconti recounts: “He’d come into the studio with maybe two or three great songs. I know Nile Rodgers would tell you same thing. Everyone who worked with him had the same experience. This used to frustrate me, as a producer. He comes in with no songs and says, ‘Let’s jam.’ I’d say, ‘Oh, no, how’s this gonna turn out?'”

Read the entire piece here.



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