December 2, 1924-January 18, 2016.

Danish composer Else Marie Pade passed away at 91-years old on January 18. She leaves behind the legacy of being the first ever in Denmark to make music using electronic equipment. She was also an activist in the Danish Resistance during WWII, and ultimately placed in Danish prison camp by the Gestapo during German occupation.

Interested in music from an early age, she became the first Danish electronic music composer in 1954, at the end of the war. She became a composer out of necessity, no longer able to play piano due to complications after her imprisonment. Her work included compositions that were made from collected recordings at an amusement park, work inspired by the planetarium, as well as music for a ballet, among many other things.

Her lengthy career was documented in a compilation reissue last year called Electronic Works 1958-1995. It has been reported that she was still planning to make more music, at 89, while residing in a assisted living facility.

[via Pitchfork]



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