Spoiler: Major labels are still bad.

Last week, controversy broke out over Jennifer Lopez’s new feminist-flavored single ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ due to a production credit from Dr. Luke. Its songwriter Meghan Trainor has since explained the Singles Club loser cut’s origins are not necessarily as nefarious – for Lopez – as it look on paper.

“I texted her the song and she had no idea [that Dr. Luke produced it] – she thought I did it alone by myself at my house, which a lot of people think because I do do that,” Trainor tells Digital Spy. “I sent it to her and said, ‘Do you like the song?’ and she said, ‘I love the song, my kid loves the song – he’s made me play it five times already so I know it’s a hit – when can I cut it?’, so I said immediately, ‘Whenever you want!'”

Lopez and Trainor worked on three tracks together, ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ ultimately getting the push to be debuted on the American Idol finale as it was, according to Trainor: “the best one that mixes with ‘Let’s Get Loud’, so they combined it.” On the backlash Lopez is receiving, Trainor also noted: “[It’s] not fair on her, not at all… [Epic Records head] L.A. Reid wants me to work with her on this new record because we’ve had so much success…But I felt terrible when Jennifer got all the hate for [working with Dr. Luke], and it’s just all ridiculous. It’s such a big song for her.”

We know that labels often have the upper hand in making decisions like this, but it seems like Meghan Trainor could have possibly been at least a little bit more forthcoming about this situation. In this week’s Singles Club, I wondered if Trainor might be a songwriting robot gone sentient. Now, we just want to know if she is a cop.

[via Vulture]



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