The Planet Mu boss delves into the archives for RY30 Trax.

Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas is releasing another album of archival µ-Ziq material on his label this week.

The tracks on RY30 Trax date from 1995, and were made when Paradinas was recording an album for Warp under his Jake Slazenger alias. According to RA, the album is named after the Yamaha RY30 drum machine Paradinas used at the time.

“They were always intended to belong together as an album and now we’re proud to make them available to you twenty years later,” the label writes.

RY30 Trax is latest in a run of archival material from Paradinas. It started in 2013 with Somerset Avenue Tracks, and continued last year when he released several tracks to SoundCloud recorded when he was 10 years old.

Since then Paradinas has gone further into the µ-Ziq vault, uploading 100 old tracks to SoundCloud last year in the wake of the Aphex Twin track dump, along with a remix of his IDM contemporary’s ‘Analogue Bubblebath.’

Most of these tracks have disappeared from SoundCloud, but earlier this year Paradinas released Aberystwyth Marine, a collection of productions made between 1996 and 1998.

RY30 Trax is released on May 13. The album is available for digital pre-order from Planet Mu’s Bandcamp.

For more on the history of µ-Ziq and Planet Mu, revisit our oral history on the label at 20 years, and watch The Vinyl Factory’s documentary below.


01. Mydrovip
02. Dustar 3
03. Fortuna
04. Rubbish & Crumbs
05. Jaz Norton
06. Cumblin
07. Sinusoidal
08. Bombadub
09. Adenoidal
10. Rydeeno
11. Me & My Hoss
12. Smooth & Creamy
13. Misopyl
14. Lime Crumble



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