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Only two weeks after Amoeba Music announced they have sold their LA location, the employees of their Berkeley location have achieved a long desired goal aimed at increasing business: to open a marijuana dispensary.

Yes, Amoeba have actually succeeded following last year’s announcement that they hoped to convert their jazz section into a marijuana dispensary. Though the location was rejected for a permit last fall, it’s now been awarded one, employee Debby Goldsberry announced on Facebook.

“We are planning the most epic dispensary ever at the Amoeba location on Telegraph. The dispensary will go where the jazz room is now. My mind is kind of blown right now!”

After a few more months of approval and processing, the Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective (or BC3) will open in the store. And for anyone who needs a weed prescription, the Bay Area record store has you covered — they already house a medical marijuana doctor’s office.



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