The Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo mixers release their second album in February.

RVNG Intl has announced details of the second album from Portland duo Visible Cloaks.

Titled Reassemblage, the album continues the duo’s exploration of high-resolution ambient tones and Japanese musical influences, heard on their popular series of Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo mixes.

According to a press release, Reassemblage “evokes similar musical futures celebrated on the Fairlights mixes, but does so observantly rather than reverently.”

“The foundation of the duo’s second album is gently poured upon the ground their musical predecessors explored, using the materials of chance operations, MIDI “translation,” and other generative principles that favor inclusive musical environments over the narrowly constrained,” RVNG says.


Visible Cloaks member Spencer Doran has also created an accompanying mixtape titled Translations, which is divided into “day and night” sides.

The day side “weaves Japanese music through deconstructed human voices and contributions from peers and contributors to Reassemblage,” while the night side “bends introspective with choral music from the Eastern Bloc, Italian spiritual minimalism, and early software-based generative music experiments.”

The album features a number of guests: Domino artist Motion Graphics, Matt Carlson and cult Japanese act Dip In The Pool’s Miyako Koda.

Reassemblage will be available on February 17, 2017 on LP, CD and digital formats. Translations will be available on limited cassette only. Watch the video for album track ‘Terrazo’ below, featuring a virtual landscape by artist Brenna Murphy.


01. ‘Screen’
02. ‘Valve’ [Feat. Miyako Koda]
03. ‘Bloodstream’
04. ‘Terrazzo [Feat. Motion Graphics]
05. ‘Wintergreen’
06. ‘Circle’
07. ‘Mask’
08. ‘Mimesis’
09. ‘Skyscraper’
10. ‘Neume’ [Feat. Matt Carlson]
11. ‘Place’
12. ‘Cave’ (Bonus Track)
13. ‘Imprint’ (Bonus Track)
14. ‘Moon’ (Bonus Track)
15. ‘Visible Cloaks & dip in the pool – Valve (Revisited)’ (Bonus Track)



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