Inspired by the “labyrinthian bazaars of Turkey”.

Japanese sound artist Chihei Hatakeyama has unveiled his new album Mirage will be released on Lawrence English’s label Room40 this summer.

Hatakeyama gradually recorded Mirage over five years and cites traveling in Turkey as a primary influence on the album, specifically the way sound travels and decays in the country’s busy bazaar markets. Today you can hear the first track ‘Starlight and Black Echo’, which is accompanied by a gorgeously hypnotic video that manipulates footage of water.

Mirage is out June 16 via Room40. Find the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Sad Ocean’
02. ‘Starlight And Black Echo’
03. ‘Bus Terminal In Konya’
04. ‘Voices On The Corner’
05. ‘Distant Steam Train Whistle’
06. ‘Anatolia Mirage’
07. ‘Phantom Cats In Cathedral’
08. ‘A Silence Of Day’
09. ‘In The Quiet River’



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