Check out the beautiful video for ‘Hagazussa Madichon’, featuring unsettling excerpts from the avant-gothic horror film.

MMMD (pronounced Mohammad) will release their original soundtrack for Hagazussa on September 14, as director Lukas Feigelfeld brings their monolithic sound to the big screen with his debut feature film. The “chamber doom” group have shared the stunning new video for track ‘Hagazussa Madichon’, check it out below.

Hagasuzza – A Heathen’s Curse was released on May 17 this year, and was described by The Hollywood Reporter as “an atmospheric folk-horror fable” and “a spooky, stylish, spellbinding debut” from director Feigelfeld. Watch the trailer below.

MMMD have been producing their idiosyncratic concoction of ultra low frequencies and sub bass murk since 2009, and have put out releases on PAN and Antifrost. The OST for Hagasuzza – A Heathen’s Curse is available to preorder now. Check out the album artwork below.

Photography by: Press


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