Totaling five hours of music.

Phil Moffa announced today (December 9) that he is starting a new label called Butcha Sound Records, which will launch on New Year’s Day with two new solo albums totaling five hours of music.

The first album, Meditations for Peace, is described as an ambient album intended to “manifest peace in your life and the world around you”. Moffa writes that he came up with the idea after attending DJ icon and The Loft founder David Mancuso’s memorial service in 2017.

“I thought about his message, the therapeutic power of music, and bringing people together through sound and environment,” he says. “I realized the importance of making and playing music with intent, and I was incredibly moved by what I experienced that night and at The Loft the few times that I’ve been.”

The second LP, Pieces for Painting, was made to be a companion album to Meditations for Peace, though the creative direction skews toward the “atonal, weird and dissonant”. Writes Moffa, “Speaking to my painter friends over the years helped me to realize this project. These are pieces I imagine would be interesting to have on in your art studio while you work.”

The Bandcamp description notes that a portion of the proceeds from these albums, and from all sales on Butcha Sound, will go to arts education causes.

Meditations for Piece and Pieces for Painting will be released on January 1, 2020 via Butcha Sound. Preorder them on Bandcamp and find the tracklists below.


Meditations for Peace

01. ‘Harmony for Disarmament’
02. ‘Tape Meditation #17’
03. ‘David’s Memorial’
04. ‘Diverse People Dancing Together for Social Progress’
05. ‘Lower East Side Meditation’
06. ‘What Are Clouds?’
07. ‘Lakehouse Meditation’
08. ‘Legend No. 1’
09. ‘Neither Rain nor Snow’
10. ‘Oscillation #7’
11. ‘3 A.M. In Tunisia’
12. ‘Reverb Summit Theme’
13. ‘Rhodes Meditation #21, Pt. 1’
14. ‘Rhodes Meditation #21, Pt. 2’
15. ‘Tape Meditation #19’

Pieces for Panting

01. ‘Feedback from Anywhere’
02. ‘What Is Heard’
03. ‘Operator #1’
04. ‘Tension’
05. ‘Hill of Mirrors’
06. ‘Resonator Experiment #3’
07. ‘To the Furthest Depths’
08. ‘Vertigo’
09. ‘Dimension of Imagination’
10. ‘Micro Cosmic’
11. ‘ENO-UGH (Recital)’
12. ‘One for the Angels’
13. ‘Rhodes Reversal’
14. ‘Warm Wave Ambience’
15. ‘Psycho Glitch’
16. ‘The Amplifier That Plays When No One Is Around’
17. ‘Trans4mation Speaker #4 (Radio Edit)’
18. ‘Tape #18’
19. ‘Lowdown’
20. ‘Planetarium Experiment #5’

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