Batten down the hatches: Lady Gaga, it appears, has got the trap bug. 

Lady Gaga’s producer DJ White Shadow is responsible for the track. Gaga’s army of ‘Litte Monsters’ were challenged to rap over the beat and send in their submissions. The winning version sounds suspiciously (read: exactly) like Lady Gaga, and the producer has sneakily insisted that the contributor’s name not be announced, so it looks like the “competition” was something of a stitch-up. The winning cut goes by charmingly wacky/charmlessly wacky title ‘Cake Like Lady Gaga (Burqa Swag)’.

Gaga’s efforts, all weedy bragaddagio (“iced-out wrist, iced-out chain”) and hollow self-promotion (“I roll like Lady Gaga/Lady Gaga in this bitch”) aren’t going to land her Brick Squad co-sign. Kreayshawn’s the obvious point of comparison, but Gaga’s efforts probably share more with Kitty Pryde’s prim brand of sing-song rap. We’re presuming it’s just a bit of fun on Gaga’s part, although there’s a possibility that ‘trap Gaga’ could be one facet of the hydra-headed ARTPOP “multimedia experience”. [via Prefix]

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