So Solid Crew's Romeo re-records '21 Seconds' for car insurance advert; watch here

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” – Dante, The Inferno

Left somewhat cold by So Solid Crew‘s mawkish comeback single? Prepare to vault from the frying pan into the fire. As NME report, So Solid lynchpin Romeo has re-recorded the group’s 2001 chart-topper ’21 Seconds’ in order to hawk car insurance.

The clip – for, incidentally – sees Romeo paired with a Wall-E-style hypeman, Brian The Robot. For those concerned this might be a cyncial cash-grab, here’s Romeo to dispel your fears:

“It was a fun thing to do, an idea with a quirky edge to it. They came to me with the idea and I loved it. I love viral things like the ‘Harlem Shake’ and thought this had the same potential to be passed around the internet.”

If that wasn’t enough:

“I don’t think selling out comes into it. It’s raising awareness with young boy racers about how important and easy it is to get insured. I’m doing it for the greater cause.”

The offending clip is below. Settle in, try and forget that Asher D was just in Top Boy, and watch in wonder as Romeo takes a sharpened machete to your most cherished 2-step memories. There’s also a supplementary clip of Romeo trading bars with the robot – think Dubplate Dramas meets Short Circuit, then try and forget that you ever did. So Solid Crew will release their first official retrospective, Best Of So Solid, on September 30.



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