Gobby details <em>Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee</em> LP for UNO, shares hellish video for 'Red Seal'

The prolific Harlem provocateur returns with his most expansive project yet.

In March, Gobby will follow-up last year’s “Techno Ass Album” Fashion Lady with Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee, also on UNO NYC. The 21-track album is pure Gobby: noisy, deconstructed experiments and bizarre samples (is that you, Digimon?), all with an absurdist streak.

Along with the loopy ‘Aantezeksyll’, Gobby has also shared the video for ‘Red Seal’. The bonkers clip features a pair of demonic marionettes and a New York-inspired hellscape, which perfectly suits the the noisy, haunted house soundtrack.

Listen/watch the tracks below, along with the Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee tracklist, for what it’s worth. In addition, he’ll be in Europe for a few tour dates, some with and in support of his SETH collaborator James K:

Feb 23 – The Basement (Young Turks) w/ James K – London
Feb 24 – MelloMello w/ James K – Liverpool
March 7 – 5 Days Off – Amsterdam *Drums for James K
March 8 – Chester’s – Berlin

1. Season 1 Episode 5
2. Red Seal
3. Friday Spiralhead
4. YeOldeBitch
5. …
6. Rangishiff
7. Khiss
8. Kill Dog Because Hungry
9. An
10. Season 1 Episode 6
11. Message from John
12. Tonka
13. Like If You Pee On The Side Of The Bowl
14. The Beautay
15. Quinkelchaye
16. Gums
17. Pay Fonrew Shii
18. Snitchy Baluga
19. Lil Pizza Face Feat Lil Big Tymer
20. Aantezeksyll
21. Seky Petii



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