The third in a series of collaborative EPs from the Awful producer.

In less than a month, Dexter Dukarus has teamed with like-minded Awful-mates Slug Christ and Stalin Majesty for EPs: Depersonalize and Pitch Black, respectively. Now, Dukarus caps off the productive period with Lucy.

Lucy is the second EP by Atlanta up-and-comer Pollàri, a rapper who first caught our attention on last year’s ‘FeFe’ with Playboi Carti. Pollàri has known the Awful crew for years; he attended college and briefly lived with resident rhythm-and-creep expert GAHM.

Around that time, he linked up with Dexter Dukarus, who he describes as his “favorite producer.” “Niggas was into trap shit wild around that time, and this nigga Dexter was making some next level spooky-house music type shit and releasing it himself,” he recalls.

As is usually the case with Awful and the artists in their orbit, a collaboration was a foregone conclusion: a five-track EP that pairs Pollàri’s AutoTuned hypnotic suggestions with Dexter’s digitally damaged productions. And while his debut EP Sonya was named after his mother, this EP is named Lucy after the nickname for a girl he “used to love” and whose presence haunts each of the tracks.

Lucy is my homecoming EP,” he explains. “It’s me starting over the process again, and seeing what happens this time.” Stream Lucy below.



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