Grimes’s new project, an interactive musical installation called REALiTi: Inside the Music of Grimes, will debut at Moogfest this month.

REALiTi is based around the Art Angels track of the same name and will allow visitors to “manipulate their surroundings as they explore an ever-evolving world” according to its press release.

The installation is designed to have music and visuals that respond to movement, a trick accomplished by Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensing technology. The specifics aren’t detailed, but you can get a few glimpses in a new teaser trailer.

As of now REALiTi: Inside the Music of Grimes is only scheduled for the festival, but other performances have not been ruled out. It is also referred to as “a debut”, possibly implying future showings.

Watch the trailer below and look for REALiTi: Inside the Music of Grimes May 19-22 at Moogfest where Grimes is also performing as a headliner.



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