The Pokecraze invades SoundCloud.

In the glare of Pokémon Go’s launch last week, El-P got into some mild Twitter beef with early addicts of the mobile game, resulting in him challenging fans to a remix contest.

The Run The Jewels rapper posted a “new track” called “Pokémon rappin” on Instagram, offering a free T-shirt and hoodie to the best entry.

He’s now declared the winner: Kip Cozy.

“When I hear pokeman rappin remixes all I feel is the overwhelming desire to pokeman with my entire community,” El-P joked in a tweet. “I want our whole community to win, and I believe it has. But like with all whole community wins, only 1 person wins.”

Kip Cozy added a breathless thanks on his SoundCloud: “MADE THIS FROM SCRATCH, I CANT BELEIVE THAT EL-P CHOSE ME !!”

Watch grime hero JME talk about his own deep love of Pokémon in a video to celebrate 20 years of Pikachu & co.



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