ZONT offers four different sound engines in a device the size of a phone.

Maybe you’ve already got a Korg Volca or a Roland JP-08, perhaps a Critter & Guitari Organelle? Perhaps you thought you had enough tiny synths in your studio? Yes? No, because you’re going to want this one as well.


The ZONT Synthesizer won’t be available until autumn 2017, but it already looks as if it will be next year’s must-have instrument. It’s the size and shape of a smartphone, and lets you compose rhythm and melody using a built-in sequencer.

ZONT’s design looks a lot like Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator synths with one key difference: interchangeable cartridges that offer four different sound engines. The company is also promising collaborations with big producers and DJs on some of the presets, with Jamie xx appearing to be one of the names attached.


The device itself has the connectivity you’d expect in a smartphone and more: Wi-Fi for cloud-based collaboration and production, Bluetooth, a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C connection and stereo speakers. An optional dock expands this to include MIDI and RCA connections.

ZONT hasn’t shared any audio or video of the synth’s capabilities, nor has it disclosed how much it’s going to cost. Given how ambitious the device looks, don’t expect it be cheap. Find out more at the ZONT website. [via Ask.Audio]

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