The follow-up to his 2013 LP, Welcome To Mikrosector-50.

Space Dimension Controller will release a new album next month.

Love Beyond The Intersect marks the Belfast producer’s return to R&S (through which he released his ReSEQ EP in April) in what is meant to be a follow-up to his 2013 LP, Welcome To Mikrosector-50. Across 11 tracks, the album follows the journey of a man named Mr. 8040 who has “crash landed on a strange planet”, according to a press release, and in the process of fixing his spacecraft finds a new friend.

To preview the album, Space Dimension Controller has shared ‘Slowtime in Reflection’, a slow jam made for space with its squelching synth stabs and alienesque vocals.

Love Beyond The Intersect is out on November 15. Pre-order it here and view the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Burnout (Dawn)’
02. ‘PVLN’
03. ‘Voices Lost To Empty Space’
04. ‘Alone In An Unknown Sector’
05. ‘Intersect Encounter’
06. ‘Early Steps’
07. ‘Gifted Sentience’
08. ‘Slowtime In Reflection’
09. ‘The Cost Of Clarity’
10. ‘Sundown On Memory Point’
11. ‘Love Beyond The Intersect’

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