Photo via: Tyler, the Creator Facebook

“Not my site, y’all gullible.”

A website appeared today with just the right amount of pastel colors, vague information and swear words to convince some fans that Tyler, the Creator has a new album coming this Friday. Now, as Pitchfork points out, the rapper has said the site has nothing to do with him.

“Not my site, y’all gullible,” he wrote on Twitter. “Shit is annoying, like really? If u ain’t hear it from me it ain’t real.”

Tyler deleted the tweets shortly after, something he said in advance he would do because “it makes this page look ugly.”

His frustration suggests a tipping point for the surprise album trend shortly after Kendrick Lamar was forced to quash rumors of a second new album after a surge of conspiracy theories dominated the conversation around his latest release DAMN.

The lesson here: Tyler will let us know when he has a new album out. In the meantime, we should all hold off a bit on playing detective.

Revisit Tyler’s recent track with Frank Ocean below.



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