From Smash Hits to Timeless: on the couch with UK rave heroes 2 Bad Mice

Weak become heroes in the rave, and the UK rave scene doesn’t have many heroes quite like 2 Bad Mice.

Formed in 1991, the trio of Sean O’Keefe, Simon Colebooke and Rhodsey (Rob Playford, of Moving Shadow fame, was originally the third member), have seen it all: they all worked at Moving Shadow, witnessed the recording of Goldie’s Timelessand are responsible for one of Britain’s all-time greatest dance hits in ‘Bombscare’.

As they prepare to play Wales’ Gottwood Festival, FACT TV sat down on the couch with 2 Bad Mice to talk about the rave and record shop scene of the early 1990s, having to deal with Smash Hits shoots when ‘Bombscare’ was signed by a major label, and much more. Oh, and a special treat for fans of the group (and fans of masochism in general): we’ve also filmed an episode of Rave Tales with the trio, where they run through the wildest stories of their 20 year plus career – Bez, the Mafia and more feature.

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